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spring farm dinner


APRIL, 27 2019 | 5PM

Expect all the magic at this farm dinner as our farm dinners in 2018. Like those, this first Farm Dinner of 2019 will take place at a local farm with seasonal produce cooked up by local chefs and cooks. Local spirits, wine, craft beer, music, bread and other local artisans and partners will all come together with the community under a canopy of twinkling lights for a memorable evening you won't soon forget. This event is hosted by Edible Nashville, Music City's premiere local food magazine. Music, unlimited drinks, food, farming and kinship showcase this 4 hour event. Hope to see ya there!


Chef James Kerwin of Little Fib + Edible Executive Chef, Skylar Bush





Meet the editor

Jill Melton

Founder of Edible Nashville


Before you started edible Nashville, what were you doing professionally?
I had moved to Nashville to launch Relish magazine, which was a food magazine distributed in newspapers (similar to the Parade model). Loved it for 7 years. Before that, I was at Cooking Lightmagazine for 15 years. 

What inspired you to start edible Nashville? 
Well honestly, the magazine biz had really sold out. Advertisers rule, and I was ordered to do stories that were strictly for the advertisers -- for instance, a story on hot dog toppings to accompany the Oscar Meyer hot dog ad. When this happened at my company, it was time to go. Readers deserve top-quality, unbiased content. I needed an exit strategy and a friend suggested edible Nashville. When I found out no one had it, not only was I astounded and thrilled, I also knew immediately that it was my next calling. I took it immediately! It is the perfect culmination of my experience, education, and love. 


What has surprised you the most about Nashville's food culture?
That it has exploded so quickly. I mean, when I moved here 10 years ago, there were very few places to eat. Birmingham actually had a better food scene. But now...wow!

Is there a food trend that you wish would just go away? 
I’m not wild about juice bars, or the celebrity chef culture. 


Tell us one of your all-time favorite stories you've published in edible Nashville. 
I love the story “We Are Family,” about the back of the house at Prima restaurant, published in our July/August 2015 issue. It’s a story about family and what happens in the kitchen and how they eat together. To me, food is love, and that is a perfect example.